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Technical Symposium PLASTECH

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On 12-13 IV 2018 Staufen Polska participated in the Technical Symposium PLASTECH. The main topic for the 24th edition of the event was “From idea to industry – design and development of plastics products”.

Grzegorz Gawroński, CEO of Staufen Polska hold a speech about “Design is the process: necessary tools and methodology used in business projects realization”. Main topics were ‘how to implement projects’ and ‘how to successfully realize projects’ based on a pragmatic and cooperative approach giving measurable results. The presentation was based on Staufen’s experience of annually 300 projects.

Grzegorz Gawroński also showed the most important steps in a Lean transformation: how to begin a project, what are the key parameters of success, what are the elements of change management. Furthermore, he presented simple and efficient tools used for project management and elements of personnel coaching and mentoring to reach stable projects results.

Especially the last topic was met with keen interest during coffee break discussions. It confirms our approach: permanent transformation is only possible when not only processes are developed, but in parallel also the employees.

The organizer underlines that the high number of participants confirms the demand of the industry for such events, which are an excellent occasion for thoughts and opinion exchange and presentation of newest trends for the plastic industry.

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