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Open Trainings 2015


Total Productive Maintenance

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) is an approach to identify and eliminate waste connected to equipment and machines. It is a set of tools which goal is to ensure that every machine in the production is available and reliable.

TPM requires involvement of not only maintenance people but also operators, line managers, engineers and quality specialists. TPM considers every losses on the machine connected to setup and changeover, minor stoppages, breakdowns, speed loses and production of defects. Whole lifetime of the machine is in the focus of the approach in order to improve preventive maintenance practices.


1. Knowledge about: 
  • TPM methodology and tools
  • traps that may occur in the implementation and maintenance of TPM
  • how to identify and determine the sources of waste
2. Comprehension of: 
  • what is TPM, what are the objectives of its implementation
  • basic indicators for maintenance
3. The exchange of experiences with experts on following topics: 
  • planning, implementation and monitoring of TPM
  • strategy and benefits of TPM

Target Group

  • Production managers and supervisors
  • Continuous improvement specialists
  • Maintenance managers and specialists


  • Goals and needs for implementing TPM
  • OEE and TPM
  • Success factors for TPM implementation
  • Maintenance and development of the system - factors that affect the sustainability of the implementation
  • Factory tour
  • Summary

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